Rimini Street Food

Born in 2012 as a street food guide of Rimini, it is the first publishing project that talks about Street Food in Italy.

Started with a showcase on the Rolling Stone magazine, Rimini Street Food is a journey where we talk about the culture of a territory through the authenticity of people and their stories. We talk about Rimini to tell a piece of Italy, an opportunity to discover places not known by tourists but with great charm, alternative roads to do riding a bike, with a map that signals the many craftsmen who work in this land creating their shops of excellence; piada, fruits, porchetta, rock music and motorcycles: passions to discover and experience.

Street food becomes our key to enter into the essence of the city, telling the story of great chefs with a Rock'n'Roll heart.

From 2018 Rimini Street Food becomes a TV format, broadcast on Food Network, where Michelin chefs from Italy meet and share recipes with the piadinari of the Riviera Romagnola.

Rolling Stone N. 105 - july 2012

A guide to the excellence of the Adriatic coast: the best places on the road where to eat (not only) piadinas in the area of Rimini. Valuable tips for those who want to travel this summer on the streets of the Italian east coast. Rolling Stone has selected the best between kiosks and piadinerie, simple places that hide culinary wonders: cassoni with herbs, piadine alla porchetta, fish skewers, watermelons and squacquerone cheese, surprisingly, even wines and champagnes of excellent quality. Ready? Here is the Food Gran Tour signed by Rolling Stone.

Francesco Rapisarda - Director of Communications Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. -

Making motorcycles like the Ducati also means following a lifestyle, paying attention to the needs of a particularly competent and demanding target, and making culture. Culture understood as a cult of excellence and all those values ​​that can be combined and complemented with bike like these and it would be a mistake to neglect or underestimate the territory that belongs to us and the food that qualifies and characterizes it. Street food is then the essence of the motorcycle spirit and, in particular, is what animates and distinguishes our community of Ducatisti. Living the road means appreciating it in every corner, panorama, emotion that every trip, even if short-trip, can guarantee. Living these places also means stimulating, communicating, sensitizing on a quality life that also passes from food, from the simplicity of daily life and, of course, from the bike, the best way to discover these places. Accepting the invitation for this initiative was easy, I would say almost natural. Sharing a project is a logical consequence of living the lifestyle of every single motorcyclist, stimulating the search for those details of uniqueness, quality and genuineness that must be preserved, encouraged and, above all, recommended and suggested. What better than a guide that certifies the quality, that it preserves the culture and guarantees its correct diffusion! Partners like Rolling Stone and the city of Rimini are the natural consequence of a creative and passionate journey. Partners who share with Ducati values, passion and desire to discover and know. Anything else?



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